This Doll Carriage Savings Bank is an original creation of Apple Valley Woodworks and makes the perfect Birthday or Holiday gift for that special little lady in your life. It is solidly constructed of fir or pine with hardwood wheels and hardwood for the handles. There is a large trap door that is easily opened by removing one screw to enable removing the money. It easily rolls along any surface and will give the child many hours of playing enjoyment and also serves as a reminder of good savings habits.

The Doll Carriage Bank is 10 inches long, 8 inches high, and 4.5 inches wide and has a large interior volume. The child's initial is painted on each side of the carriage in your choice of our standard colors. Or we can apply the child's name using decals on both sides of the carriage for an additional $4.00 per carriage. The finish is three coats of gloss polyurethane allowing for easy cleaning and maximum protection. All finishes are non-toxic for the child's safety.

The Doll Carriage Bank is priced at $33.00, with a shipping & handling charge of $14.00 per carriage east of the Mississippi and $19.00 west of the Mississippi. If ordering two in the same package, add $5.00 to the shipping charge East & $6.00 West. (If you prefer the Carriage without the child's initial, deduct $3.00 or if you prefer the child's full name instead of an initial, add $4.00) Please see the Ordering page for quantity pricing.





















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