Our Warranty:

Our warranty is very simple: if you receive a damaged product or if a part of the product breaks or fails within a three month period (one year for clocks) after shipment to you, then we will replace or repair the product for no charge. Normal wear and tear are excluded; as an example, a scratch or gouge on the surface is considered to be normal wear and tear and is not covered under this warranty. A part of a product that detaches or breaks off from the main product is covered.



We will accept returns of products that are not what you ordered. Ex: wrong color or stain, wrong name or name spelled wrong. However, All returns must be pre-approved by us. We cannot accept returns of any personalized item such as the Child's Stool, unless we made an error in spelling the child's name or sent the wrong color.

Please contact us by email or postal mail as described on the Customer Service page, for pre-approval, before returning any merchandise

You are responsible for the shipping charges on all returned merchandise, whether for repair, exchange, or refund. We will pay the shipping charges to send a repaired or replacement product back to you.
















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